Image of David Newton

David Newton
SVP Creative Director

NEW YORK, USA // David is a veteran of more than 25 years in the healthcare advertising business, launching blockbusters (Allegra, Viagra, Cosentyx) and orphan/specialty drugs (Elelyso, Unituxin) alike. He has diverse experience promoting treatments for migraine, CNS, psoriatic disease, macular degeneration, hemophilia, neuroblastoma, hypertension, allergies, MS, and more.

His career has taken him across “Medicine Avenue” and back, working on OTC brands such as Advil and Aquafresh, and DTC for the likes of Avodart, Imitrex, and Xyzal. He has experience in global, CRM, digital, radio, television, direct mail, you name it.

David considers 2 career moments as his proudest: having one of his commercials parodied by The Tonight Show, and helping create a multiscreen billboard that appeared in the Mecca of outdoor advertising, Times Square.