Image of Jared Gutstadt

Jared Gutstadt
CEO and Founder
Audio Up Media

LOS ANGELES, USA // Jingle Jared is a multi-hyphenate producer writer, inventor, and live events director known for his patented technology (the Jingle Player) that transformed the TV marketplace vis a vis his company Jingle Punks; which was one of the most highly valued music publishing companies across the media space prior to his exit in 2019.

Last year, his podcast “Bear and a Banjo” was a first for the world of media. It was the first podcast to feature an original commercial soundtrack, and in turn, drove headlines as a game changer for the space.

Gutstadt’s new company Audio Up Media is bringing music, brands, and storytelling under one umbrella. Audio Up envisions a world of infinite audio based entertainment. He is building an ecosystem of IP where every single song, podcast, and audio marketing asset becomes much, much more. Audio Up Media is bringing audio blockbusters to life with music and stories that propel brands, and is also bringing this media from black and white into technicolor. Welcome to podcasting 2.0!

Gutstadt is this year's ASCAP award winner for most published composer for his composing work on “The Voice,” “Ellen’s Game of Games,” Pawn Stars,” and “Project Runway.”

He has collaborated with Bob Dylan, T Bone Burnett , Steven Tyler, Lil Wayne, DJ Khalid, and most recently scored two sports Emmy nominations for his work on LeBron James 89 Blocks.