Image of Matt Gardea

Matt Gardea
VP, Group Creative Director
Razorfish Health

NEW YORK, USA // Over the course of his career, Matt has built strong creative teams and launched more than 20 pharmaceutical products in just about every therapeutic category.

His is a true 360∘ creative and works in all mediums, whether it be print, digital, video, animation, 3D, etc. His work consistently goes beyond the expected, and he believes that craft in execution is key in standing out.

Some notable brands he’s led include Humira, Avastin, Diovan, and Remicade, to name a few. Most recently, Matt guided the HCP and MedCom launch efforts on Opdivo, one of the most successful immuno-oncology products in history.

His creativity, combined with his deep scientific understanding and experience, makes him a powerful driving force in ensuring successful campaigns.

In his spare time, Matt entertains an audience of millions across his YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.