Image of Alec Vianu

Alec Vianu
Creative Director, Design
Harrison and Star

NEW YORK, USA // Details matter.

Here are a few about Alec: As a typographer, he’s ranked #1 internationally by Lurzer’s Archive in 2020. As a photographer, he documented NYC at the height of the spring COVID lockdown and the collection was featured by the One Club (and is currently on exhibition globally). As a Creative and Design Director, he’s helped to orchestrate the creative renaissance at Harrison/Star that has put the agency at the forefront of the healthcare boom.

Alec brings aesthetic excellence and a critical eye for modern expression to specialties that include creative direction, art direction, graphic design, brand building, web design, typography, photography, photography art direction, 360 integration, and people.

With countless years of experience across diverse industries, disciplines, and media, ask anyone who’s worked with Alec and they’ll tell you why his work matters: He appreciates the intricate details of light, color, and form, and just instinctively knows how to use them to create meaning for brands.