Image of Michael  DiBenedetto

Michael DiBenedetto
Executive Creative Director

LOS ANGELES, USA // As Executive Creative Director of A/V at MOCEAN, Mike DiBenedetto approaches entertainment and brand marketing from a fan’s perspective because he’s still a fan at heart.

I know. I know that deserves an eye roll... But it’s true.

After earning his M.F.A. in Motion Pictures from the University of Miami, Mike took his passion for music and pop culture to Skip Film in Santa Monica, assisting master Trailer Editors at their craft. The office also had a nerf basketball court in the back. According to Mike, it was pretty fun.

He then joined MOCEAN as a trailer editor and felt privileged to work alongside some of the most collaborative, creative minds in Los Angeles. Mike cut on all kinds of (Marvel) movies. Some of his trailers were beautiful. Some were bombastic. Some were hilarious. Most of them died.

Upon realizing he enjoyed being a collaborator and mentor more than being an editor, Mike DiBenedetto now oversees successful campaigns for films, shows, games and brands as Executive Creative Director. He brings a genuine ‘enthusiasm for Everything’ into each creative partnership, which can be a bit much, honestly. But Mike means well, and truly loves his work.

When Mike’s not thinking about what else he can do to meaningfully increase the diversity, equity, and inclusion within our industry, he’s probably watching a movie with his sons, Max and Asher.