Image of Dan  Pfister

Dan Pfister
EVP, Head of Games
Create Advertising

LOS ANGELES, USA // After being dishonorably discharged from multiple colleges, Dan was eager to pursue a career that allowed him to simply pay for food, shelter, and water.

After a stint in politics and media strategy, he decided he wanted to be an editor. A friend of a friend helped him land a PA job at Create Advertising 14 years ago, and he simply hasn’t had the courage to leave yet.

While never going the editor route, he helped start multiple departments over the years, including music videos, series/streaming, and video game work. This allowed Create to branch out from doing primarily film marketing and most importantly, helped keep Dan employed.

In a classic tale of failing upwards, he found himself EVP, Head of Games and has worked on a range of embarrassingly small titles, all the way up to award-winning campaigns.

In his downtime Dan enjoys playing video games (for research, of course) surfing, hiking, mountain biking and spending time with his butterball of a daughter and his super cool wife that refuses to believe his video game playing is for research purposes.