Image of Jason Yeadon

Jason Yeadon
Creative Director
Major League Baseball

NEW YORK, USA // Jason Yeadon is currently the Creative Director of Major League Baseball, where he recently began managing the in-house design team for all MLB branding and events. He started his career at Walt Disney Imagineering and has continued to carry the principles of storytelling and immersive experiences into the sports industry.

In 2010, Jason began his career at baseball, taking a key role in speaking to the next generation fan through design and marketing. He was responsible for developing unique integrated marketing concepts, like the MLB Fan Cave, and identifying opportunities to connect baseball with topical cultural moments. His most recent work can be seen through the creative direction of MLB at Field of Dreams and the end-to-end design execution that made the game a noteworthy success.

Beyond his experience at baseball, Jason has also worked within the NHL’s creative department, supporting their world-class design team for two seasons, and contributing to multiple outdoor events and brand development.

Jason grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in communication design.