Image of Danielle  Decatur

Danielle Decatur
SVP, Creative Director
Area 23

NEW YORK, USA // Danielle Decatur recently joined Area 23 as SVP, Creative Director leading a new creative group. She has over a decade of experience in both consumer and professional healthcare marketing across a range of brands US and Global.

Danielle has created award-winning work in a wide range of categories including women’s health, ophthalmology, respiratory, weight management, bone health, beverages, and beauty.

She is lauded for her strong storytelling and nurturing relationships with her teams and clients. Danielle fosters an environment that encourages her creatives to strive for excellence and client teams to confidently advocate for new and different.

Outside of advertising, she is an accomplished writer with published short stories. Danielle holds a degree from the University of Virginia in English and literature as well as a Master in Fine Arts with a concentration in fiction from Bennington College. Danielle happily juggles life with a toddler, who insists on hearing original bedtime stories. If no one else, her two-year old keeps her creative, multi-tasking, and inspired.