Image of Jacqueline Lovelock

Jacqueline Lovelock
Managing Director, Health

NEW YORK, USA // Jacqueline began her career in brand consultancy (brand positioning, reputation management, creative development), learning the importance of understanding true customer insights in competitive environments. Her move into marketing, 12 years ago, took that core expertise plus behavioral and cultural data to create actionable strategies for clients.

Trained in digital-first creative agencies and experienced in a variety of categories, Jacqueline has spent the last several years focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. She is specifically interested in the ways technology will accelerate the transformation of how modern healthcare brands connect with their customers beyond messaging to provide utility and meaningful service.

Before coming to start the R/GA Health practice, Jacqueline was most recently SVP, Strategic Planning Director at FCB Health, and before that, SVP Experience Strategy at McCann Health.