Image of Najwa Sebbahi

Najwa Sebbahi
VP, Creative Lead

NEW YORK, USA // With over 11 years of experience in healthcare advertising, I have had the chance to create and lead the branding, creative of many brands in various disease states (winning a few awards along the way). After spending 7 years in large agencies, including FCB Health, CDM, and Area 23, I was drawn to Centron because of its focus on rare disease and its unique promise in market: to find the simplest path to the highest good for brands, clients, and the communities that they serve. The agency focus on what’s essential and really matters spoke to me on both a creative and professional level. Personally, I believe that presenting data in a way that’s not only clear, but also has emotional pull can have a meaningful effect on patients’ treatment experience and influence HCPs’ treatment decisions. I feel privileged to be at the forefront of breakthrough science and to work closely with the patient communities and healthcare professionals to bring their experiences and stories to life.

When I’m not trying to find creative solution for marketing problems, I’m either lost in some old city looking for delicious local food or enjoying some playtime with my two daughters.