Image of Martin Gaul

Martin Gaul
Chief Creative Officer (Europe)

LONDON, UK // Martin is the Chief Creative Officer for EVOKE overseeing creative for European and Ex-US Global business. He has nearly 20 years experience in healthcare communications, where he has led his team to solve some of the knottiest creative challenges.

Martin’s pursuit for excellence has been a constant throughout his career. He believes that every individual deserves the right healthcare no matter what their gender, ethnicity or background, and even when given a straitjacket, creativity can be used to overturn misconceptions, inequalities and promote best practice in health. Pursuing awards can also drive the desire to push boundaries and thinking, and Martin has had his share of trophies, receiving gold, silver and bronze for several international awards; EPICA, IPA Best in Health, Communique, Clio Health, the PM Awards, New York Rx, but his proudest recognitions have been some of the lesser known charity awards and the personal notes of gratitude from patients and clients who work with him.

Martin was born into a family of crafts-people; ranging from clockmakers and furniture makers, to ship builders and bakers. His passion for making things and solving problems runs strong through his veins. With an Hons degree in Audio Visual Communication, Martin also has a passion for film, animation and sound design. He became very interested in theatre after leaving University and started a Shakespeare production company that toured the UK. This developed his knowledge and respect for lighting and Art Direction, as well as performance. Martin’s love for science, medicine and health has grown over time but he is regularly conflicted by his love for chocolate, alcohol and all things dangerous and wild. He loves flying and has his own hang glider. He tries to spend time on the water in canoes and kayaks as much as possible and has actually been grateful for lockdown, because it’s allowed him more time with the family.