Image of Butner Brimberry

Butner Brimberry
Executive Creative Director
Create Advertising Group

LOS ANGELES, USA // Not much is known of Butner Brimberry’s origins. The rumor is that he just kind of showed up on the doorstep of the video game industry one day in the late 00s and was immediately put to work, learning the ropes of game capture.

Once he realized there’s no money and respect in that role, he worked his way up to Producer and did those things that a producer does (no one’s really sure what that is to be perfectly honest – crying? furrowed brows? sitting behind editors?). Well, the young buck’s trailers and work ethic caught the eye of Dan Pfister at Create Advertising and the rest is history, meaning it’s boring.

Butner is now the Executive Creative Director of Games, after a wonderful ceremony saw him crowned for such an achievement. In reality there was no ceremony, he just happened to be at Burger King and asked for one of those gold paper crowns so he could celebrate. It was truly a sight to behold, no matter what anyone says.