Image of Helen Ahn

Helen Ahn
Creative Director, Senior Editor
Workshop Creative

LOS ANGELES, USA // Helen Ahn is a creative director and senior editor at Workshop Creative. Reasonably accomplished by Asian standards, with 20+ years of experience in creative advertising and 50+ years experience securing the perimeter as a rooftop Korean, this disruptor is an unrelenting Lakers fan, BTS ARMY, K-pop stan, plant enthusiast, skincare extremist and has maintained VIB Rouge status since 2013. Referred to as Chairman Ahn or her supreme leader by family members, she is best known for her work with ReVision Movement, Spark, Film 2 Future, Promo Pathways, Good City Mentors, Soapbox, The Clios and her Resume Workshop™. Her supreme leader has a soft spot for mentorship, cute baby animals, egg sandwiches, overpriced pretentious coffee, the Mexican Pizza, picking the worst quality crab and referring to herself in the third person, though she need not, as her reputation precedes her.