Image of Jed Ramos

Jed Ramos
Creative Director

LOS ANGELES, USA // Jed was born and raised in San Gabriel, California. Growing up in a traditional Filipino household, his parents’ dream for him was to become a doctor, a nurse, an X-ray tech, or anything else but an artist. He could never imagine that kind of life though. His passion for art lead him to California State University, Fullerton where he took an entertainment design class taught by Cheryl Savala, which led to a pivotal point in his life.

In the short 8 years he’s been in the entertainment industry, Jed has gone from Intern to Creative Director, under Kenny Gravillis – winning numerous awards along the way. Jed is constantly humbled working with some of the leading creatives, both from the agency side and the client side at companies like Warner Bros., Netflix, Universal, Disney, Audible, and many more.

When he isn’t sitting in front of his work computer, he’s finding ways to annoy his wife and two dogs, watching YouTube videos on improving his golf game, researching camera equipment, and learning Cinema 4D somewhere in the house.

Oh, he’s always hungry too!