Image of Christian Capello-Colon

Christian Capello-Colon
Creative Director/Editor
Trailer Park Group

NEW YORK, USA // As a Creative Director and Editor at Trailer Park, Christian has worked on some of the biggest film and streaming campaigns to date, such as Doctor Strange: in the Multiverse of Madness, Stranger Things, Baby Driver, Godzilla: King of The Monsters, Captain America: Civil War, LUPIN, Knives Out, Dunkirk, Wolfwalkers, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sweet Tooth, What If….?, and The Afterparty. His out “of-the-box” thinking and creative risk taking has payed-off, helping him become a stand-out creative in the Entertaining Marketing landscape, earning 13 Clio’s and 3 Golden Trailer Awards to date.

Christian started in the film and television industry at age 14 with a public cable access show in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. He followed his passion for all things filmmaking by moving to Los Angeles in 2011 where he landed a job as a runner for Trailer Park. Eleven years later, he continues to marry his affection for storytelling and evocative marketing, working with the biggest and best marketing teams, film studios, and streaming platforms.

When he’s not behind a desk editing, Christian joins fellow senior editors at Trailer Park mentoring and leading the next best class of Junior and Assistant Editors. Fostering incredible talent and helping to develop the next generation of creative marketing masterminds.

Outside of the office Christian is a beloved husband and father of two. When he isn’t playing princess or building legos with his daughter Remi, or smushing his new son Theo, Christian spends his free time skateboarding until his knees hurt and gardening at home.