Image of Marcelle Mouton

Marcelle Mouton
Senior Editor/ Owner
Post Modern

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA // I have spent most of my career in the commercial editing field as I have always loved the challenge of telling a story in an extremely limited time frame. I believe it is an art form to, not only tell a story in 30’ but to be able to engender in the viewer a perception of, and emotional reaction to the story being told.

My current venture is as part owner of PostModern, a full-service boutique post production company.

Recent career high lights:

The incredible success of the Nike vs Stussy campaign for Shelflife

Serving as a judge for the Loeries two years in a row

Serving as a judge for the D&AD Awards earlier this year

It is, similarly, an honour to be asked to be a judge for the upcoming Clio Awards.