Image of Marissa Ori

Marissa Ori
VP Creative Director

CHICAGO, USA // Chicago, USA // Marissa used to daydream as a college student, wondering whether she’d ever find a way to combine her knack for storytelling with her passion for (and degree in) science. Luckily, she found AbelsonTaylor and has been building and launching brands in the healthcare space ever since.

In her 20+ year career, Marissa has enjoyed a wide range of experience from big pharma clients to small startups, from nutraceutical products to life saving rare disease and oncology brands, and on communications for consumers, patients, and healthcare professionals alike. For her, career satisfaction depends not on the brand or the disease state—but on the emotional connection she’s creating with her audience. Marissa is a restless creative spirit with energy, optimism, and always a good story to share, and it’s perhaps this nature that’s earned her countless awards from the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame, CLIO Health, Manny Awards, MM&M, InAwe, The Global Awards, Doctor’s Choice, DTC Nationals, WWW Health Awards, and the RxClub.

Marissa considers herself the Midwest version of bicoastal, splitting her time between Chicago on the west coast of the Greatest Lake and in SW Michigan on the east. She shares the journey with her husband, their 9 year old twins, and their two pandemic cats (she’ll tell you that story, just ask!).