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Head of Brand & Creative

LOS ANGELES, USA // Florencia (Tragik) is a dynamic and visionary creative leader, known for her ability to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion to the forefront as a creative director and senior producer across multiple disciplines. Her more than decade-long career has emphasized a deep, empathic ability to tell authentic stories and build a devoted community. Through her work, Tragik has played a key role in the development and advancement of the careers of notable artists globally, as well as in building the brands across a diverse range of industries, including health, technology, music, and television. Her experiences, identity and intersectional lens merges many worlds, which inform her creative approach and leadership style. With empathy, bravery and integrity as guiding principles, she’s often a master of imagery that’s rich, vibrant, and resonant.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in the Bay Area, Tragik was exposed to photography and storytelling as a means of expression at a young age through a program for poor and marginalized young women of color who had been impacted by the criminal justice system. Through this experience, she learned how creative storytelling helped her peers feel empowered, beautiful, safe, confident, and powerful. Two decades later, this continues to translate into her work, which consistently prioritizes representation of queer, trans, black, indigenous, and people of color.

Tragik quickly established herself as a prominent figure in the underground creative scene while building her own brand. By 2012, her content had reached a large audience, accumulating over 100 million views, as she shared her experiences and those of her friends through a unique perspective during a period of rapid change and innovation in the digital space. Early in her career, Tragik began collaborating with emerging artists such as Kali Uchis, Grimes, Kreayshawn, Pabllo Vittar, Charli XCX, among others. Tragik has consistently been a driving force in the creative development and direction of various artists and brands in multiple mediums. From music and fashion to film, technology and healthcare, she has used her expertise and diverse background to help shape the vision of these projects and bring them to life, making her a sought-after collaborator and leader in any industry.

Tragik's work with GRINDR was instrumental in shaping the brand's visual identity and creative strategy through video storytelling. Her work with the company generated a significant impact on the brand's online presence, earning well over 150 million views within a year, and significantly boosting their YouTube channel's subscriber count by over 200,000.

In July 2020, Tragik joined FOLX Health as their Creative Director, collaborating closely with their Chief Creative Officer to guide and execute the company's go-to-market strategy through innovative and impactful creative efforts. As the now Head of Brand and Creative at FOLX Health, Tragik has been responsible for leading and managing the company's brand and creative efforts across various touchpoints. She has overseen the development and execution of the company's brand and creative vision, ensuring that it aligns with their goals and resonates with their target audiences. With her wealth of experience in creative leadership, Tragik has brought a unique and valuable perspective to the company, helping them to build a strong and consistent brand identity, increase their visibility and reach, and drive growth. In her role at FOLX Health, Tragik has been able to infuse her approach to visual storytelling, which is based on authenticity and honesty, into the company's creative efforts. Her approach has helped to build a community and beloved brand, while amplifying the voices of Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Her work has been recognized with contributions to the TIME100 Most Influential Companies List, FastCo Most Innovative Companies 2022, 3x Anthem (Webby) Awards, 3X MarCom Awards, Hermes Award, and finalist for the Shorty and Digiday Awards.