Image of Joy Panday

Joy Panday
Executive Creative Director
No Fixed Address Health

Former spinning instructor. Some-time axe thrower. Aspiring world traveller. Joy began her career right out of OCAD as a writer.

Working in agencies both big and small, Joy has contributed to big brands like Labatt, Johnson & Johnson, Porsche, Walmart, and Mazda. Her enthusiasm for creative problem solving and working with multi-disciplinary teams has led to noteworthy accomplishments, particularly the award-winning Music for Memory Project for the Toronto Alzheimer’s Society. Conceptualizing and executing this awareness campaign sparked a curiosity in the resilience of patients and caregivers which led Joy to healthcare advertising. Working in this space has reinforced her belief that placing the human being at the centre of the solution is key. She has led creative in a number of therapeutic areas, including Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Oncology, Respirology, and Rheumatology.

From Walmart to Takeda, from mass consumer to pharma, Joy is continually inspired to go past “good” to get to “great.” And, when she’s not thinking of the next big idea, she’s probably in a spinning class or planning her next trip.