Image of Christopher Charles

Christopher Charles
Executive Creative Director

NEW YORK, USA // 21GRAMS Executive Creative Director Chris Charles is no stranger to great work and a hard work ethic. His career in advertising has spanned so many brands in different markets and industries, it seems he has lived over 120 years.

He started his career creating Pay-per-view campaigns at World Wrestling Entertainment, to leading the art direction for the largest toy maker in the world, to leading a multitude of teams that developed some of the most award-winning creative work in health.

His north star is to create ideas that inspire behavioral change by making audiences feel something. Which is summed up by a phrase you will hear him say, more often than not, "If you didn't make anyone feel anything, then you didn't do your job."

Chris has proved time and time again that creativity can be found anywhere, in any discipline, in any channel, as long as you know where to look and are willing to roll up your sleeves. He has won Cannes Lions, Clios, Creative Floor Bricks, and more. He even one a poetry contest in the 3rd grade. Wow, go Chris.