Image of Adam Hessel

Adam Hessel
Chief Creative Officer
Ogilvy Health

NEW YORK, USA // Good enough is never enough. This simple mantra has served as Adam Hessel’s north star since he began his advertising career nearly three decades ago and continues on today as he services his healthcare clients across HCP and consumer communications.

Adam is proud to have worked at several of the world’s premiere agencies including Deutsch, SpikeDDB, TBWA Chiat Day, The Kaplan Thaler Group, Publicis and GSW. Adam considers himself fortunate to have worked for many transformative figures within advertising including Linda Kaplan Thaler, Erik Vervroegen, Kathy Delaney and Spike Lee. These creative leaders helped guide Adam’s philosophy and approach, not only inspiring his work, but providing him with opportunities and a canvas that allowed him to create and inform and influence pop culture.

With passion for hard work and to push high creativity, Adam, has garnered many of the creative industry’s top awards, including Cannes Lions, The One Show, Clio Awards, D&AD, New York Festivals, Andy’s, LIA’s, The Creative Floor, Gerety’s and currently Ranked #1 by Lürzer’s Archive. And in his current role as the Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy Health North America, Adam drives to elevate the creative product of the agency, transforming from science to a creatively known healthcare agency.

Even with all he has accomplished, if you ask Adam, it’s pretty good. But there are still more boundaries to be broken, more creative barriers to be shattered and bigger ideas to be found. So yeah, good enough is never enough.