Image of Fabio Rodrigues

Fabio Rodrigues
EVP, Group Creative Director
FCB Health

NEW YORK, USA // Focusing on the intersection of business growth, innovation and craft, Fabio has been a key player in some of the most successful and award winning projects in Health & Wellness in the past few years, positioning him as the most awarded creative in Health & Wellness in 2021 and top 10 overall most awarded Group Creative Directors in the world according to the prestigious One Show & The One Club for Creativity, with over 20 Cannes Lions including the Grand Prix for Good, 27 Clios including a Grand Clio and 30 One Show awards including a Best of Discipline.

Fabio has his mind set on breaking the rules of traditional Pharma advertising, never losing sight of patients’ truths while approaching the problems with an innovative mindset, developing an array of creative solutions that pairing cutting edge tech such as deep fake, AR, AI, digital music, 3d printing, and optical character recognition with amazing attention to craft.

During his career of more than 20 years Fabio has successfully launched many products across different categories and worked with brands like Eli Lilly, GSK, Astrazeneca, Johnson & Johnson, P&G, BMW and Mini just to name a few.

From helping people suffering from rare diseases or diabetes to supporting the fight against gun violence using the power of creativity, Fabio believes in changing the world, one project at a time.