Image of Ashley Holbrook

Ashley Holbrook
Senior Vice President, Creative Director

NEW YORK, USA // Ashley has spent nearly her whole career in healthcare advertising. A former mentor once told her that this corner of the advertising industry is where “creative goes to die,” and since then it has been Ashley’s mission to combat that dreary sentiment. She feels the best way to drive out that raincloud hanging over the industry is with light, always aspiring to do work that is meaningful, inspiring, and - at times - laugh-out-loud funny.

Ashley's work has been awarded by Clios, Cannes Lions, Creative Floor, MM&M, and others, including a feature at SXSW. She continues to break the mold of healthcare by doing first-of-its-kind work in the industry. She feels that it is an incredible gift to be able to step into the shoes of people living with health challenges, and create work that hears them, speaks to them, maybe makes them laugh, and above all, helps them live a better life.