Image of Xavier Murillo

Xavier Murillo
Creative Director
Major League Baseball

NEW YORK, USA // Xavier Murillo, a first-generation Ecuadorian American, has been making waves in the creative industry over the last 15+ years. For the past five years, he has served as Creative Director for the social media department at Major League Baseball, where he is responsible for leading all creative efforts for MLB, Las Mayores, and multiple Latin American accounts.

During his tenure at MLB, Xavier has developed groundbreaking ideas and programs for social media platforms and completely transformed the creative direction of all channels. His innovative approach to design was evident in his creation of the first-ever Home Run Derby Chain, which was awarded to Pete Alonso in 2019 and has since become a signature element of the Derby itself.

Xavier's passion for creativity extends beyond the digital realm and permeates every aspect of his life. His relentless drive to push boundaries and think outside the box is a testament to his ambitious nature.