Image of Alex-Gunnar Ferrer Kristjansson

Alex-Gunnar Ferrer Kristjansson
Senior Director, Marketing & Communication
Euroleague Basketball

BARCELONA, SPAIN // Born in Barcelona, Alex Ferrer Kristjansson studied Business Administration at the Universitat de Barcelona and Hàskoli Íslands, and holds a post-graduate degree in Marketing and Sports Management from Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia. After a short time in the automotive industry at German firm Robert Bosch, Alex has developed his career in professional sports since 2004 at Euroleague Basketball (EB), the organization that manages the premier competitions in European club basketball. Within EB, Alex has been immersed in different initiatives, most related to marketing, until he was appointed to head the Marketing and Communication area, leading the organization in strategic marketing, brand, media, content and digital operations, among others.