Image of Deadra K. Rahaman

Deadra K. Rahaman
EVP, Client Partnerships & Strategy
Hero Collective

DETROIT, USA // It’s only fitting that Deadra Rahaman is heralded as one of the most impactful and game-changing women in brand strategy and advertising. After 17 years of working at some of the top agencies, building and fostering relationships, expanding her global network, developing culturally relevant campaigns, and lending her voice to diversity and inclusion efforts, she continues to prove that she’s a formidable and influential leader who is ushering us all into a more inclusive phase in DEI, her community and advertising. Her strong, fresh perspective can quickly spot cultural cues and help others identify them.

Doing a lot of this work to ensure equity, opportunity and representation are extended to all. She is an often-quoted voice when it comes to praising campaigns that get it and calling out those that don’t. She is a frequently-asked panelist, moderator, keynote speaker and featured in many industry articles. She is the change agent brands, clients and agencies are looking for.

On paper, Deadra is the Vice President of Brand Strategy at Huge, Inc. and the founder and president of Society Refined Consulting. She’s a visionary who beckons brands, agencies and humans to respond swiftly and accordingly to the ever-evolving cultural shifts.

Through listening and leading, Deadra consistently helps transform ideas, products and experiences into inspiring and thoughtful campaigns. Deadra understands the fundamental groundwork needed to get us all to a place where inclusion, belonging and community are not just buzzwords but are actually ingrained in all aspects of what we do as a business imperative.

Beyond the titles lies a wife, mother, friend, and most importantly, a mentor committed to seeing the doors of communications and advertising welcome a diverse crop of new professionals looking to make an impact as she has.