Image of Ann Mugglebee

Ann Mugglebee
President | Executive Producer
Vibe Creative

LOS ANGELES, USA // Ann began her entertainment career in film and commercial production prior to entering the marketing world.

She started her marketing career at Trailer Park, Inc., joining the company at its inception and growing with them through their first five years in the business. 
Ann then joined Intralink where she spent eight years producing on some of the biggest campaigns in movie marketing history before launching Vibe Creative in 2008.

At the beginning of 2016, Ann became the sole owner of Vibe, emerging as one of the rare women in Hollywood to have her own trailer house.

In marketing movies and television, she excels at taking the vision of a marketing executive or filmmaker and implementing their project in to a full advertising campaign and/or developing a completely new, fresh and bold way to brand a campaign. She loves the challenge of finding new and exciting ways to sell entertainment and discover what it takes to get people to seek out media, whether streaming on a device, on television or lining up at the theaters on opening weekend.

In leading any successful marketing campaign, Ann's philosophy continues to be, "I am only as good as my team, and my team is only as good as its leader."

Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Ann attended Kansas State University. After college she moved to Chicago where she began her professional career.