Image of Sherri Sollinger

Sherri Sollinger
Creative Director
Revolve Agency

LOS ANGELES, USA // Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sherri is a third-generation Angeleno. She majored in music at Cal Arts and had a sweet career as a professional musician before getting hooked on editing and transitioning to a career in creative advertising. After years of valuable experience at successful agencies, she took on the role of Creative Director/Music Department Lead at Hulu's Creative Studio, where she creative directed and edited teasers, trailers, spots for series and brand creative. Last year, she joined the rad folks at Revolve Agency, where she was able to fulfill her life-long fantasy of editing a Knight Rider-themed music video featuring John Roberts of Bob's Burgers fame.

Sherri's proudest achievements reflect her genuine interests. She has collaborated on launches such as Hillary (documentaries/politics) Shrill and The Great (smart and meaningful comedies), finding success by aligning her work with her passions. Her love for music shines through in her work as well. - whether it’s fangirling over the Phoebe Bridgers song that her team commissioned for Conversations with Friends or leading the A/V campaign for the Stagecoach music festival, Additionally, she will always be super proud to have played a pivotal role in launching Orange is the New Black during the dawn of streaming.

Sherri lives in Pasadena with her partner Rebecca and their pitbull, Grits.