Image of Donna Lamar

Donna Lamar
Executive Creative Director

LOS ANGELES, USA // Donna Lamar is an award winning creative and production professional with over 20 years of executive level management experience. She lives in Los Angeles and works with global brands and entertainment companies crafting multiplatform content from ideation through production. Transmedia storytelling is her expertise.

Currently, she is the Global Executive Creative Director at Spotify. From partnerships with Disney and the Muppets, to FCB and/or helping to craft campaigns for The Best New Artist, or the next new podcast phenom, she remains at the center of culture creating work.

Formerly, the Global Executive Creative Director at Twitter, where she helmed the recent launch of Twitter’s rebranding efforts, to past lives as head of production at Wieden + Kennedy/Amsterdam, to creative director on Gatorade at TBWA/Chiat Day Los Angeles, where she was on the team that repositioned Gatorade from your “grandfather’s sports drink” to “G”. In addition, she was an integral team member on Gatorade Replay, while also leading the teams for the launch of the G Series and G2; Gatorade's first innovations in 40 years. From there, she worked with Microsoft to create and produce Discovered, the first live action Kinect for Xbox 360 game in history.

Donna is skilled at interpreting the client’s ‘vision’ and making it tangible and deliverable.

Writing, creative direction, pitching or producing, Donna’s worked with clients like, Spotify, Twitter, Apple, VICE, Microsoft, Nokia, Nike, Fox Studios, Adidas, Gatorade, Mondelez International, Virgin Produced, Heineken, Siemens, Vodafone, Coca Cola and many others.

Beyond the industry, her passions extend to helping to make the coastal watersheds and waters in Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy and clean by serving on the board of Heal The Bay. She also champions diversity in the line up, as a member of the Black Surfers Collective and extends her efforts of inclusion and education to all board sports, by being on the board of The Black Board.