Image of Michael Middeleer

Michael Middeleer
Partner/ Executive Creative Director
Viewpoint Creative

BOSTON, USA // Michael leads the creative team at Boston-based Viewpoint Creative – a dynamic group of artists, storytellers, and brand builders.  A resident of Providence, Rhode Island, he believes “Yankee Ingenuity” is a real and potent element that sets his agency apart.  New England is an inspiring force in his life. He will go to his grave firmly believing Tom Brady never deflated a football.

He is the former Vice President of On-Air promotion for FX network where he was responsible for all aspects of creative and brand development.  Prior to FX, Michael was at HBO in New York and Los Angeles, most recently as creative director for HBO’s original movie franchise.  He and his team have successfully launched countless shows, movies, digital platforms and networks, and have been recognized for their work by such organizations as PromaxBDA, CTAM, New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards, the Emmys and the CLIOs.