Image of Alicia Yaffe

Alicia Yaffe
SVP Global Catalog Development & Marketing
Warner Music Group

LOS ANGELES, USA // Alicia Yaffe is an SVP of Global Catalog Development and Marketing at Warner Music Group. She leads a team of 10 dynamic, creative marketers who are responsible for protecting and growing the legacies of thousands of the greatest artists in pop culture history. Alicia has developed and executed products and marketing campaigns for artists as iconic and varied as the Notorious B.I.G., The Doors, Alice Cooper, Roberta Flack, Donny Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield, WAR, Chaka Khan, Otis Redding, and dozens more.

Prior to her tenure at Warner Music Group, Alicia was an entrepreneur and manager, building and growing a successful holistic digital marketing company called The Spellbound Group which she sold to accept the position at WMG. She also served as a manager at Jampol Artist Management, a pioneering firm in the legacy management space.

Alicia is the co-founder of The Living Album Experience, a new company dedicated to developing truly immersive experiences around the narratives embedded in the greatest albums ever recorded. She believes in the power of music to change lives, and the special nature of world-building within the music space.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Alicia enjoys surfing, roller skating, horseback riding, and generally anything that removes her from a glowing screen and encourages connections to nature and other humans.