Image of Jane Dilworth

Jane Dilworth
Founding Partner
Work Editorial

LONDON, UK // Jane is co founder and president of Work Editorial with offices in London, New York and Los Angeles.

After getting a degree in Fine Art from St Martins, she thought the next best move was to have two children. That wasn’t enough so she got into the world of editing through various jobs in tv and production ending up at The Whitehouse in London. After being an assistant there for a few years moved on to be producer and then EP of the Whitehouse London office.

In 2006, along with editors Rich Orrick, Bill Smedley and Neil Smith opened the edit company WORK. They had a very simple vision: to found an egalitarian boutique edit house focused on talent and creativity. From the outset they were determined to do things differently. Jane is an equal partner and edit fees were shared amongst all four creating a very special foundation that has made the business what it is, encouraging a shared commitment to doing great work.

In 2012 she went on to open WORK in New York office and then after moving to the US in 2015, went on to open an LA office.

Jane, along with her other WORK partners, continue to concentrate on craft and doing the best work possible. Now with 28 editors across the three officers and half of those coming up from runners and assistants, WORK continues to be at the forefront of creativity.