Image of Sebastian Bullorini

Sebastian Bullorini
Chief Creative Officer

SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR // Advertising and me.

I am a great believer of ideas.

Advertising more than a career has been a life journey.

I grew up in a household filled with creativity: A mom architect and an advertiser as a dad. A house filled by pencils, sketches, and the creation of ideas.

It was not only advertising that took me places since a young age such as Madrid due to my parents job, but it took me to curiosity, to the hunger of seeing the world in a different perspective, and adding mine to it.

In a world filled of creativity it was pretty obvious what I was gonna become: A creative. Honduras, El Salvador and now Puerto Rico are the latest places advertising took me as a creative, as a Chief Creative Officer, as a friend and proudly as a leader and teacher to many people that like me, are crazy hungry and passionate for this career. Nothing beats a job well done than having a great team, and nothing beats that than making relevant, cultural, life-changing ideas such as Morning After Island and The First Car Showroom inside the Bus alongside them.

Creativity is limitless.