Image of Akhilesh Bagri

Akhilesh Bagri
Chief Creative Officer
Serviceplan Middle East

DUBAI, UAE // Sitting down to write this bio in 150 words or less, Akhilesh can’t help but think about how he got here in the first place. Was it destiny? Likely. Was it a freak accident? Even more likely. It’s a hard one to answer, but he’d like to believe it’s because of all the remarkable people he’s met along the way in the last 18 years. So, here’s to everyone who calls him Aki, Akhi or Akhil. Thank you.

Akhilesh Bagri has had a better-than-expected career in advertising. He has previously judged shows like Cannes Lions, ADC, AdFest and New York Festivals to name a few - which of course wouldn’t have been possible without winning some of these awards himself. His two favourites remain Independent Agency of the Year at Dubai Lynx and a Silver Young Lions.