Image of Aisha Blackwell

Aisha Blackwell
Head of Production Services
Serviceplan MAKE

MUNICH, GERMANY // Aisha is a German/british/american Agency Producer, not just with many years of experience but especially with all of her heart. After working for J. Walter Thompson and McCann Erickson in Frankfurt, she moved to Munich, currently working as Head of Production Services at Serviceplan Group.

Aisha is an absolute passion-driven people’s person and loves to gather the best teams on each project. Her friends call her the best organizer in the world, but her work never ends there. She has a unique creative sense and loves to come up with talented directors, nobody else would Mind.

Recently she and the team were rewarded with a Grand Prix in Cannes for Penny - The Wish.

Her inspiration comes from traveling, where she loves to meet people, cultures and listen to people´s stories.