Image of Nicolas Nubile

Nicolas Nubile

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA // Nicolas Núbile was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires and started his career as an Assistant Director for various production companies worldwide.

Employing a distinctive visual language and aesthetics, he crafts unique atmospheres that blur the lines between reality and fiction, allowing stories to flourish through intricate details. Nicolás has garnered several accolades globally, going from fashion films and comedy to documentaries and nature.

Notably, Nicolás achieved a significant milestone by winning his first Golden Lion in Craft at Cannes Lions, marking a historic moment as the first Argentinean to attain this prestigious award for Buchanan's "Piano." His collaborations extend across a broad spectrum of brands, including Avon, McDonald's, Converse, Danone, Tang, Fuze, and Corona, among many others.