Image of Beau Dickson

Beau Dickson
Cut & Run

NEW YORK, USA // The combination of unexpected things is where editor Beau Dickson’s creativity thrives -- from exploring underserved stories to juxtaposing elements in order to develop a new vantage point. Beau’s work can be described as the harmonious intersection of narrative-enhancing graphics and editorial storytelling, as seen in his spots for New York Times, Adidas, Google, and AT&T for agencies Droga5, Johannes Leonardo, BBH, and Translation.

Beau’s journey to editing began in his native Canada where he attended film school in Toronto. Shortly thereafter, he was introduced to video installation artist Marco Brambilla which kicked off their creative collaboration on complex, large scale projects. Dickson was one of the first employees at the boutique visual effects company Artjail, but his love of editing led him to Cut+Run where he found his creative voice.

Beau’s visually engaging style shines through all of his work. He has worked on a number of highly awarded campaigns, including The New York Times' “Questlove" & Google’s "Black Owned Friday". Most recently, Beau has taken home editing Gold at Ciclope for Adidas Originals “Gazelle” and a Bronze Clio for editing The New York Times: Independent Journalism campaign.