Image of Filipe Resende

Filipe Resende
Founder & Creative Director
CANJA Audio Culture

CURITIBA, BRAZIL // Filipe Resende is a multi-instrumentalist and a singer-songwriter who discovered his love for music when he was just a kid. Filipe considers himself obsessed with technology and has a degree in Telecommunications. After deciding it was time to have the best of both worlds, he founded Canja Audio Culture in 2012.

Known as Rese, he is Founder and Music Creative Director, responsible for all the planning and strategizing, workflow, and financial operations of the company. All of this made it possible for Canja to work for global brands (Nike, Burger King, Amazon, Facebook, Disney+, Johnnie Walker, Budweiser, Samsung, and Microsoft) and to win hundreds of awards in the main shows of the world – including the Grand Prix for Audio and a Titanium at the Cannes Lions, Best of Show at the One Show, Grand Prix for Original Music and Music Company of the Year at the London International Festival.

After these achievements of CANJA, Filipe became a member of the Grammys Recording Academy and was invited to be part of the jury in international festivals such as New York Festivals, Cannes Corporate and El Ojo de Iberoamerica.