Mike Monello

Vice President, Creative


NEW YORK, USA // Mike Monello is a pioneer in digital marketing and storytelling. He was one of the creators of the Blair Witch Project – a movie that forever changed how audiences engage with story, and how marketers approach the internet.

Mike founded Campfire in 2006 and leads the creative team, working with some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious brands including HBO, Harley Davidson, Infiniti, National Geographic, FX, Verizon and more. His work has been awarded top honors at the One Show, Clio, Mixx, ad:Tech, Effies and Cannes Lions Festival.

Still a staunch story-teller at heart, Mike is a charismatic and in-demand speaker, who regularly is asked to present at high profile events such as Advertising Week, the Futures of Entertainment at M.I.T., SXSW, Digital Hollywood, and more. He is a true champion of the future of storytelling and has his finger firmly on the pulse of a rapidly shifting media landscape.