Image of Briana Bolger-Schuth

Briana Bolger-Schuth
Creative Director
PINK CARROTS Communications

FRANKFURT, GERMANY // Briana Bolger-Schuth has had the good fortune to work in Chicago, New York, Kiev and, now, Frankfurt am Main, as well as pick up a French Bulldog and a German husband along the way.

She believes that pixels and ink are simply mechanics and that the true mark of a big idea is the way that it’s told, not how.

And she loves finding new ways to tell those tales. She’s influenced people to travel to amazing places, enjoy great food and beverages and, more recently, to take better care of their health.

With her roots in brand activation (although it was called nightlife marketing when she started doing it), Briana finds that having honest conversations about a brand’s place in a consumer’s life is the best way to bring the two together.

When she’s not trying to make connections, she likes to create art, explore art made by other people, hang out in rock clubs and mini golf courses and giggle at gifs, especially ones with baby animals.