Image of Till Hohmann

Till Hohmann
Managing Creative Director
Serviceplan Campaign 1

MUNICH, GERMANY // Till Hohmann is a creative strategists and leader with more than 20 years experience in multi-platform conceptual creativity. It's a track record of proven creativity: much of his real work has won real awards - close to 450 by now. 

Originally from Germany, Till is a global citizen having worked in the UK, the USA, Dubai and Singapore.

Along the way he has revamped local offices, national and regional networks, making them fit for our confusing reality. He has set up and led multinational teams and enjoys working with the best minds of the world - in any channel or platform, and across a wide range of clients.

While much of this work has been for everything but healthcare he has gained valuable and deep experience in this exciting sector in the last few years by running the global brand Panadol as well as various other GSK brands out of Singapore. 

Since the end of last year Till is back in his home country Germany running the legacy agency Campaign 1 of the Serviceplan Group with clients such as BMW, MINI, Rolf Benz, WMF, Consorsbank.

He has judged many global shows in many disciplines and now is looking forward to join his peers in NYC to find the very best in healthcare at Clio Health 2017.