Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase The Blues Away

Entrant Company
RCA Records
Five Minutes and Over
Entry Type
Music Marketing
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Entrant CompanyRCA Records, New York
Production Company (additional)Scheme Engine
Music/Sound CompanyRCA Records
Distribution CompanyPBS
Television ShowAmerican Masters
DirectorDevin Amar / Scheme Engine
DirectorMatt Mitchener / Scheme Engine
DirectorCharles Todd / Scheme Engine
Executive ProducerMichael Kantor / American Masters
Executive ProducerCamille Yorrick / RCA Records
Executive ProducerDevin Amar / Scheme Engine
Executive ProducerSheira Rees-Davies / Scheme Engine
ProducerJohn Beug
ProducerSheira Rees-Davies
Consulting ProducerHope Wilson
Additional ProducerJames Rothman / Scheme Engine
Additional ProducerRisé Sanders-Weir
Additional ProducerJohn Condne
Additional ProducerMatt Blair
Additional ProducerDaniel Dewes
Additional ProducerTyler Mann
Additional ProducerRupert Style
Sony Music Premium ContentTom Mackay
Sony Music Premium ContentJim Tosney
Archival ProducerRisé Sanders-Weir
Associate ProducerAlex Kaplan
Associate ProducerHudson Payer
Directors of PhotographerKeith Walker
Directors of PhotographerJames King
Directors of PhotographyTyler Mann
Directors of PhotographyJonas Mortensen
Directors of PhotographyWilliam Rouse
Directors of PhotographyOral Berat User
Directors of PhotographyAdric Watson
Camera OperatorsHerman Asph
Camera OperatorsMatthew McClosky
Camera OperatorsDavid Mellow
Camera OperatorsJohn Simmons
SteadicamSebastien Audinelle
Assistant CameraUriah Kalahiki
Assistant CameraJason Mitchneck
Assistant CameraKate Moss
Assistant CameraJT Summer
Assistant CameraAndrew Trewartha
Assistant CameraJeff Vanderpool
DITFilip Dvoric
GafferRob Benenett
GafferChris Canarano
GafferSteve Finberg
GafferTate McCurdy
GafferChristian Mejia
GafferBen Oliver
GripBilly Gomes
GripValentin Flores
SwingKemi Mayomi
Sound RecordistsRich Pooler
Sound RecordistsSimon Bishop
Sound RecordistsAlan Chow
Sound RecordistsRobbie Cluck
Sound RecordistsThomas Snodgrass
Sound RecordistsTyler Weisenauer
Sound RecordistsKin Chow
COVID OfficerKirstin Reyes
Production AssistantsCase Conner
Production AssistantsMike Filek
Production AssistantsJordanne Leigh
Production AssistantsNancy Linn
Production AssistantsJessica Vitkin
Post Production CompanyScheme Engine
Leader EditorMatt Mitchener / Scheme Engine
Assistant EditorHanna Utkin
Assistant EditorJenna Vacchiano
Assistant EditorEric Barr / Scheme Engine
Assistant EditorTom Callahan
Post Production SupervisorJames Rothman / Scheme Engine
Post Production SupervisorHudson Payer / Scheme Engine
Music MixLucas Ellman / Scheme Engine
Original Music and Sound DesignLucas Ellman / Scheme Engine
Music SupervisorDawn Sutter Madell
ColorBrett Price
Legal CounselPeter Jaszi
Buddy Guy Assistant & PublicistAnnie Lawlor
Buddy Guy ManagerMichael Maxson
Artist SecurityKeith Jones
Series Theme Music ComposerChristopher Rife / American Masters
Series Title Designer Arcade Creative Group / Arcade Creative Group
Series Graphic DesignerB.T. Whitehall / American Masters
Music ServicesSue Sinclair / American Masters
Budget ControllerJayne Lisi / American Masters
Business AffairsAntonia Carew-Watts / American Masters
Audience EngagementAva Tews / American Mansters
Audience EngagementNatasha Padilla / American Masters
Social MediaScott Seiss / American Masters
Social MediaDaniel Quitério / American Masters
Series Production CoordinatorHailey Rozenberg / American Masters
Digital Associate ProducerAisha Amin / American Masters
Digital LeadDavid Polk / American Masters
Series Associate ProducerCristiana Lombardo / American Masters
Multimedia ProducerJoe Skinner / American Masters
Series ProducerJulie Sacks / American Masters
Executive ProducerMichael Kantor / American Masters

This 2022 Clio Music Bronze winning entry titled 'Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase The Blues Away' was entered for Buddy Guy by RCA Records, New York. The piece was submitted to the medium: Film/Video within the entry type: Music Marketing and the category: Five Minutes and Over. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.