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Love Song
61 Seconds to 5 Minutes
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Advertising AgencyJohannes Leonardo, New York City
BrandAdidas, Herzogenaurach
Advertising AgencyJohannes Leonardo, New York City
Production CompanyLove Song, Los Angeles
Music/Sound CompanyBarking Owl Sound, Los Angeles
Production CompanyMonkey Films, Cape Town
Casting AgencySound and Fury, Los Angeles
Editorial CompanyCut + Run, Los Angeles
Post Production CompanyMathematic, Los Angeles
Post Production CompanyCompany 3, Los Angeles
Music/Sound CompanyRecord-Play LTD, London
Archival FootageSTALKR, Los Angeles
Archival FootageThe Director Studio, Los Angeles
Chief Executive OfficerAlasdhair Willis / Adidas
SVP, Creative DirectionNic Galway / Adidas
SVP, Global CommsNick Craggs / adidas
VP Brand Comms, OGThomas Sailer / adidas
VP Brand Comms, OGTorben Schumacher / adidas
SR Director CommsAnnie Barrett / adidas
Director CommsLudo Schuler / adidas
Design DirectorJeff Metal / adidas
Senior Project ManagerNeil Smit / adidas
Senior Project ManagerCharissa Oey / adidas
Assistant Manager CommsMarscha Hoernis / adidas
Senior Manager ProductionAnna Smolovyk / adidas
Manager ProductionJody Hanger / adidas
Manager ProductionMiles Bergstrom / adidas
Chief Creative Officer / FounderJan Jacobs / Johannes Leonardo
Chief Creative Officer / FounderLeo Premutico / Johannes Leonardo
Chief Executive OfficerEmily Wilcox / Johannes Leonardo
PresidentBryan Yasko / Johannes Leonardo
Chief Sales OfficerSteve Zaroff / Johannes Leonardo
Chief Financial OfficerPaula Daly / Johannes Leonardo
Chief Production OfficerTasha Cronin / Johannes Leonardo
Group Creative DirectorJeph Burton / Johannes Leonardo
Group Creative DirectorHunter Hampton / Johannes Leonardo
Creative LeadZack Browne / Johannes Leonardo
Creative LeadAlfonso Ruiz / Johannes Leonardo
Associate Creative DirectorCelia Mortlock / Johannes Leonardo
Senior Art DirectorAustin Haas / Johannes Leonardo
Head of ProductionTasha Cronin / Johannes Leonardo
Group Executive DirectorTina Diep / Johannes Leonardo
Senior ProducerDanica Rosen / Johannes Leonardo
Senior ProducerOliver McAvoy / Johannes Leonardo
Senior ProducerSydney Davis / Johannes Leonardo
ProducerSharizma Budden / Johannes Leonardo
Design DirectorShaung Wan / Johannes Leonardo
DesignerIsobel Connelley / Johannes Leonardo
Head of Account ManagementSam McCallum / Johannes Leonardo
Group Account DirectorKaki Pope / Johannes Leonardo
Account DirectorDanielle Rivera / Johannes Leonardo
Account DirectorJack Haley / Johannes Leonardo
Account SupervisorAudrey Thorn / Johannes Leonardo
Account ManagerSydney Juris / Johannes Leonardo
Account ManagerMaya Cornelius / Johannes Leonardo
Senior Project ManagerDanielle Zolit / Johannes Leonardo
Director of Business AffairsAlesa Blanchard-Nelson / Johannes Leonardo
Business Affairs ManagerJoe Bringuier / Johannes Leonardo
Brand Strategy DirectorAlessandra Noceda / Johannes Leonardo
Comms Strategy DirectorCasey Donahue / Johannes Leonardo
DirectorDaniel Wolfe / Love Song
CinematographerHarry Wheeler / Love Song
Managing PartnerKelly Bayett / Love Song
Executive ProducerKelly Bayett / Love Song
Executive ProducerDeannie O'Nell / Love Song
Head of ProductionPaige Kauffman / Love Song
Line ProducerJulie Sawyer / Love Song
Production DesignerAndrew Clark / Love Song
StylistBee Diamondhead / Love Song
Styling AssistantThato Nzimande / Love Song
Styling AssistantTamara Moeng / Love Song
Wardrobe StylistMarci Rodgers / Love Song
Wardrobe StylistVerity May Lane / Love Song
Styling AssistantLucy Thompson / Love Song
Styling AssistantFrancois Burger / Love Song
Owner/Executive ProducerClare van Zyl / Monkey Films
Head of ProductionPhillip Killingbeck / Monkey Films
ProducerBlair Smith / Monkey Films
Casting DirectorBonnie-Lee Boumann / On Camera Talent Casting
Casting DirectorMonique Murray / On Camera Talent Casting
Casting Agency (V.O.)Carli Silver / Sound and Fury
Casting Director (V.O.)Matt Messinger / Matt Messinger Casting
Editor (Superstar)Paul Watts / Cut + Run
Executive ProducerElese Shell / Cut + Run
Head of ProductionMarcia Wigley / Cut + Run
Managing PartnerLauren Hertzberg / Cut + Run
Cutting AssistantEli Beck-Gifford / Cut + Run
Assistant EditorKima Hibbert / Cut + Run
Assistant EditorIris Rodrigo / Cut + Run
Executive ProducerHadi Dahrouge / Mathematic
VFX Supervisor / Lead Flame ArtistVincent Blin / Mathematic
Post ProducerSpencer Patzman / Mathematic
Post CoordinatorChristian Kelly / Mathematic
On-Set VFX SupervisorPaul Kalil / Mathematic
Flame ArtistCarsten Dietz / Mathematic
Flame AssistClarke Rives / Mathematic
Flame AssistAmanda Elliot / Mathematic
Flame AssistYoung Mok / Mathematic
Matte PainterRomaine Boyle / Mathematic
CG ArtistEfram Potelle / Mathematic
Conform AssistantCandice Young / Mathematic
Conform AssistantJulianna Bigham / Mathematic
Conform AssistantPreston Dawson / Mathematic
Conform AssistantO'Neil Henry / Mathematic
Executive ProducerEllora Soret / Company 3
Line ProducerKerri Aungle / Company 3
Workflow SupervisorAdam Stannard / Company 3
Senior ColoristSimon Bourne / Company 3
Senior Color ProducerChris Anthony / Company 3
Color AssistantSantino Napolitano / Company 3
Color AssistantKarl Pasamonte / Company 3
Color AssistantJack Kennedy / Company 3
Head of Music SupervisionJacobo Alvarez / Record-Play LTD
Music Supervision ExecutiveRoxy Shah / Record-Play LTD
Creative DirectorKelly Bayett / Barking Owl Sound
Executive ProducerAshley Benton / Barking Owl
Sound DesignerGus Koven / Barking Owl Sound
MixerStuart St. Vincent Welch / Barking Owl Sound
OwnerJody Winterbottom / The Director Studio
Lead AccountsSirena Chan / The Director Studio
Head of Production (U.S.)Jamie Sewell / The Director Studio
Lead Archival ResearcherPete Davies / The Director Studio
Senior Archival ResearcherHugo Jenkins / The Director Studio
Archival Researcher Anna Riemer / The Director Studio
Archival Researcher Shani Storey / The Director Studio
Executive ProducerColleen Cavanaugh Anthony / STALKR
Project ManagerRandall Collett / STALKR
Visual Research ProducerAlexis Everhart / STALKR
Visual Research ProducerBrandon Hardon / STALKR
Visual ResearcherMatt Gee / STALKR
Visual ResearcherJeffrey Harland / STALKR
Visual ResearcherBrandi Self / STALKR
Visual ResearcherAaron Sharper / STALKR
Visual ResearcherJen Tam / STALKR
Visual ResearcherMike Kho / STALKR
Visual ResearcherChelly Zerbe / STALKR

This 2023 Clio Sports Gold winning entry titled 'Superstar' was entered for Adidas by Love Song, Los Angeles. The piece was submitted to the medium: Film within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: 61 Seconds to 5 Minutes. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.