Major League Baseball

Undeniable: Stories of the Negro Leagues

Entrant Company
Invisible Collective
Mixed Campaign
Entry Type
Teams, Leagues, Governing Bodies, & Associations
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Animation CompanyMartian Blueberry, Beverly Hills, CA
Advertiser / BrandMajor League Baseball, New York, NY
Chief Executive OfficerChris Marinak / Major League Baseball
Chief Creative OfficerKarin Timpone / Major League Baseball
SVP, Creative and Content MarketingScott Weisenthal / Major League Baseball
VP, Creative StudioGeoff Proud / Major League Baseball
Director, Projects, Creative and Content Marketing:Gordon Lessersohn / Major League Baseball
Director, ProductionMatt Mantyla / Major League Baseball
ProducerPalmira Ríos Segura / Major League Baseball
Project ManagerGemma Kaneko / Major League Baseball
Project ManagerDanielle Skowronek / Major League Baseball
VP, Social ResponsibilityApril Brown / Major League Baseball
Director, Community AffairsKevin Moss / Major League Baseball
CreatorJustin Polk / Invisible Collective
CreatorBeau Abbott / Invisible Collective
CreatorBryan Abbott / Invisible Collective
Live Action DirectorJustin Polk / Invisible Collective
Executive ProducerSam Kelly Jr. / Invisible Collective
Director of PhotographyAdam Bial / Invisible Collective
WriterJustin Polk / Invisible Collective
WriterBeau Abbott / Invisible Collective
WriterBryan Abbott / Invisible Collective
EditorElijah Earley / Invisible Collective
EditorAlisa Banks / Invisible Collective
Animation DirectorCarl Jones / Martian Blueberry
Executive ProducerLove Barnett / Martian Blueberry
Executive ProducerOmar McClinton / Martian Blueberry
Executive ProducerCarl Jones / Martian Blueberry
Animation SupervisorVini Wolf / Martian Blueberry
Animation SupervisorAgenor Furigo Neto / Martian Blueberry
CoordinatorAna Carolina Antunes / Martian Blueberry
Animation EditorAlaric C. Martin / Martian Blueberry
Art DirectorDiego Molano / Martian Blueberry
Animation ComposerRyan Cunningham / Martian Blueberry
Animation CompositorDanyell Dean / Martian Blueberry
Music CompositionMark Iacone / Martian Blueberry

This 2023 Clio Sports Silver winning entry titled 'Undeniable: Stories of the Negro Leagues' was entered for Major League Baseball by Invisible Collective, Los Angeles, CA. The piece was submitted to the medium: Film within the entry type: Teams, Leagues, Governing Bodies, & Associations and the category: Mixed Campaign. It consists of 3 videos and 3 images.