An Important Announcement Regarding the 2020 Clio Entertainment Awards

At Clio Entertainment, we are in the business of gathering and celebration. Unfortunately, the current circumstances have made it difficult to find an appropriate way to do either.

Since the global pandemic shut down the entertainment industry as we know it, we have decided that the best way we could honor the community this year would be to suspend the Clio Entertainment program in 2020. 

We know that people are the priority right now and we support you in doing all that you can to ensure the industry will persevere in producing the inspiring work that makes our jobs so fulfilling.

2021 will mark our program’s 50th anniversary, a milestone we look forward to celebrating with you at a time when the competition can fairly represent the wide spectrum of entertainment work we’ve built our reputation on honoring.

Stay tuned for key dates and updates about next year’s program. In the meantime, you can visit Muse by Clio and Ads of the World for a daily dose of creative inspiration. We have also introduced a coloring book to help creatives (and their kids!) get through this tough time.

We thank you, as always, for supporting the Clio Entertainment mission. We look forward to being with you soon.