Clio Entertainment Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Barbara Glazer

Barbara Glazer began her editing career – on film -- working on documentaries. Through that job, she met Tony Silver and eventually migrated from docs to working fulltime for Tony cutting Trailers and TV spots. Among her early work is the trailer for Oliver Stone’s Academy Award winning film, “Platoon.” Glazer continued to expand her creative skills to become supervising editor, then producer and, ultimately, a partner in what became Silver/Glazer Films.

In 1991, Silver/Glazer relocated from New York to Los Angeles. where, over the next several years, the company gained acclaim for its work on prestige releases like “Sense and Sensibility,” “Little Women,” “Seven Years in Tibet,” “Boogie Nights,” and “Remains of the Day.”

Wanting to widen her creative and business horizons, Barbara moved on from Silver/Glazer to partner with Mike Greenfeld as co-founders of The Ant Farm in 1997. Thanks to Barbara and Mike’s varied talents and styles The Ant Farm grew rapidly. In less than five years it became one of the most successful creative agencies in movie marketing. Overseeing a staff of 160 people, Glazer nurtured and cultivated editorial talent, motivated and inspired those around her, and relentlessly and passionately worked to produce the best materials for every campaign she worked on. With her intuitive understanding of the viewing public, she became known as a producer who blended strategic thinking with creative instincts. Her campaigns are as varied as “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “The Sixth Sense,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Pearl Harbor,” “Sideways,” “National Treasure,” “Love Actually,” the “Pirates of the Caribbean” trilogy, and. “Kill Bill.”

In 2002 while still at The Ant Farm, Glazer, Greenfeld and some of their competitors founded Picture Head. Capitalizing on the need for a high end, quality post house that specialized in short form marketing materials, Picture Head continues to grow and prosper. Its success enabled the owners to expand into more specialized areas of postproduction, opening Formosa Sound in 2013 and Picture Shop in 2016. The three companies collectively work in all areas and formats of postproduction and currently have a worldwide footprint.

Glazer left the Ant Farm in 2007 staying five years after the company was sold to DDB. Over the years since she has consulted at studios and during 2020 produced marketing materials for the presidential election. Much of her time now is dedicated to non-profit work for A PLACE CALLED HOME, an organization whose mission is to empower and uplift the lives of at-risk youth. Glazer has been on the APCH Board for close to 10 years and just recently stepped down from her role as Chair of the Board. She is currently a member of the Motion Picture Academy.