Clio Entertainment Impact Award Recipient: Helen Ahn

The Clio Entertainment Impact Award is bestowed on an individual or organization that is working to make an impact on the community by channeling their originality in new ways that simultaneously move their industry forward and bring about social change.

Helen Ahn is a creative director and senior editor at Wild Card Creative Group. This 27-year, industry veteran (I used a calculator), die-hard Lakers fan, BTS ARMY, K-pop Stan and skincare enthusiast is best known for knowing everyone, which is false, we all know the same people. Stop the lies everyone.

When not demonstrating what some might call a terrifying fervor for creative marketing, Helen likes to do everything and be everywhere… very intensely. (Oh no, she’s so scary!) This Hallyu wave riding Korean is most acclaimed for being in outstanding company and surrounding herself with inspiring people. It is her vast and varied circle of friends, who are creating true and lasting change in our small part of this world. The groups she most admires are Soapbox, Spark, ReVision Movement, Good City Mentors, Film 2 Future, Promo Pathways, A Place Called Home, LA Family Housing and just about anyone who is looking to share ideas, challenge thinking and bring diverse minds into our industry with the goal of strengthening our culture and supporting all marginalized groups.

Helen is not for everyone. She is loud, she is tough, she speaks her mind, she doesn’t like dad jokes, hugging, Swish Peptides, imbalanced ratios in food, or taking herself too seriously, especially in the third person. Helen loves mentorship, a redemption story, throwing parties, going to concerts and Lakers games, and having great meals with the best people. Helen is tired. Please help her.