The First Two Masterclasses of Clio Entertainment, Spark, and Film2Future's "The Art of Trailer Making" Series

Mark Woollen & Associates and Aspect Present BTS Look at Trailer Editing

Clio Entertainment continues to be proud to partner with Spark and Film2Future to present a six-week educational program for students to learn more about entertainment marketing and the art of trailer making. After kicking off with an informational panel on the industry a few weeks ago, the series has now continued with its "Masterclass" sessions. In these sessions, top trailer houses present a behind-the-scenes look at one of their recent campaigns and also present mini trailers that they've created for one of the Film2Future student films. 
So far, there have been two Masterclass sessions, and both have been tremendously successful with over 140 participants gathering on Zoom on Saturday morning to hear from trailer pros on their creative process and all the work and people involved in creating movie trailers. Here's a quick recap of the first two sessions: 
Masterclass 1: 
Week one of the series was hosted by Mark Woollen & Associates and participants included: 
  • Mark Fox, Creative Director, Mark Woollen & Associates
  • J.D. Funari, Trailer Editor and Producer, Netflix
  • Jared Sapolin, Creative Director, Mark Woollen & Associates
  • Alex Lorge, Editor, Mark Woollen and Associates 
  • John Salazar, Motion Graphics Designer, Mark Woollen & Associates
  • Moderator: Sohini Sengupta, Creative Marketing Executive, Amazon Studios 
The Mark Woollen team presented their Clio Entertainment winning teaser for FENCES.
The team spoke about working with Denzel Washington to create this powerful teaser that highlighted both his and Viola Davis' performances. They shared how they selected their shots, and how they used music and sound effects to achieve the emotional tone of the piece. The team also presented a mini trailer that they cut for Film2Future student Raymond Rio's film ONE SON.
Masterclass 2: 
Week two of the series was hosted by Aspect and participants included: 
  • Lisa Feldman, Co-President and Creative Director, Aspect
  • Joel Salsburey, Editor/Producer, Aspect
  • Alan De La Mora, Editor/Producer, Aspect 
  • Max Gindi, Producer, Aspect
  • Kim Tang, Creative Director, Graphics, Aspect 
  • Diane Baek, Editor, Aspect 
  • Moderator: Jessie Garretson, Clio Entertainment 
The Aspect team presented their recent trailer for ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE.
The team spoke about what it was like crafting a trailer for a film that has already been released, the process for selecting the piece's epic music cue, and how the fans played a role in guiding some of the editorial choices. The team also presented a mini trailer that they cut for Film2Future student Niaz Bashi Shahidi's film SAFFRON.  
A major thank you to all the panel participants from Mark Woollen and Aspect who shared their invaluable insights and advice during these sessions! 
There are still three more chances to attend one of these Masterclass sessions. Don't miss out on these one-of-a-kind opportunities to get a backstage look at the art of trailer making from some of the biggest trailer pros in the field! The upcoming sessions are: 
May 1 - Buddha Jones presents THE MANDALORIAN and student film THREE HUNDRED BUCKS 
May 8 - Grandson presents A STAR IS BORN and student film BELONGING 
May 15 - Motive presents KNIVES OUT and student film RASHA 
You can find more information and links to buy passes here. If you're a fan of movie trailers and entertainment marketing, we can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning, so we hope to see you next week!