Burger King

BK Lockdown Whopper

Entrant Company
David Miami
Creative Use of Data
Entry Type
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Agency NetworkOgilvy & Mather
Holding CompanyWPP Group
Production CompanyGreat Studio, Sao Paulo
Advertiser BrandBurger King, Miami
Advertising AgencyDavid Miami/David Sao Paulo, Miami
Entrant CompanyDavid Miami, Miami
Production Company (additional)e-Deploy, Sao Paulo
IlustrationEstúdio Le Monster, Sao Paulo
Global Chief Creative OfficerPancho Cassis / David Miami
Global COOSylvia Panico / David Miami
Creative VPRafael Donato / David Sao Paulo
Head of Innovation & TechnologyToni Ferreira / David Sao Paulo
Group Creative DirectorEdgard Gianesi / David Sao Paulo
Group Creative DirectorFernando Pellizzaro / David Miami
Group Creative DirectorJean Zamprogno / David Miami
Group Creative DirectorFred Bosch / David Madrid
Group Creative DirectorÁlvaro Palma / David Madrid
Associate Creative DirectorRogerio Chaves / David Sao Paulo
Associate Creative DirectorFabricio Pretto / David Sao Paulo
CreativesToni Ferreira / David Sao Paulo
CreativesMiguel Gómez / David Sao Paulo
CreativesFabio Natan / David Sao Paulo
CreativesBernardo Tavares / David Sao Paulo
CreativesMariana Valderrama / David Sao Paulo
Sr. Art Director Sergio Takahata / David Miami
Sr. Copywriter Nellie Sante / David Miami
Assistant Art DirectorLeonardo Fernandez / David Sao Paulo
Head of AccountCarolina Vieira / David Sao Paulo
Group Account Director Rafael Giorgino / David Sao Paulo
Group Account Director Stefane Rosa / David Miami
AccountJuliana Chediac / David Sao Paulo
ProductionFabiano Beraldo / David Sao Paulo
ProductionFernanda Peixoto / David Sao Paulo
MotionLeonardo Nichida / David Sao Paulo
Innovation & technologyGustavo Nanes / David Sao Paulo
Social MediaLucas Patricio / David Sao Paulo
PlanningDaniela Bombonato / David Sao Paulo
PlanningCarolina Silva / David Sao Paulo
PlanningTábata Pimentel / David Sao Paulo
MediaMarcia Mendonça / David Sao Paulo
MediaMateus Madureira / David Sao Paulo
MediaFelipe Braga / David Sao Paulo
MediaLetícia Fina / David Sao Paulo
MediaRenata Oliveira / David Sao Paulo
Client ApprovalAriel Grunkraut / Burger King
Client ApprovalThais Nicolau / Burger King
Client ApprovalFilipe Botton / Burger King
Client ApprovalFernanda Harb / Burger King
Client ApprovalMaria Eduarda Darme / Burger King
Client ApprovalVinícius Simon de Freitas / Burger King
Client ApprovalAndré Sousa / Burger King
Client ApprovalLeonardo Tini / Burger King
Client ApprovalBruno Cunha / Burger King
Client ApprovalFabio Queiroz / Burger King
DirectorMaurício Castro / Great Studio
Team Great StudioTiago Aramayo / Great Studio
Team Great StudioFelipe Euller / Great Studio
Team Great StudioLara Assumpção / Great Studio
Team MugshotGilvana Viana / Mugshot
Team MugshotGuto Figueiredo / Mugshot
Team MugshotArthur Abrami / Mugshot
Team MugshotBruno Zibordi / Mugshot
Team MugshotChico Reginato / Mugshot
Team MugshotMauricio Herszkowicz / Mugshot
Team MugshotHenrique Oliveira / Mugshot
Team MugshotLeandro Rodrigo / Mugshot
Voice OverZema / Mugshot
Team e-DeployOsmar Balthazar Gomes / e-Deploy
Team e-DeployDaniel Nagaishi Rodrigues / e-Deploy
Team e-DeployEduardo Silva / e-Deploy
Team e-DeployKendy Nagao / e-Deploy
Team e-DeployAldemir Sales / e-Deploy
Team e-DeployHelder Fernandes / e-Deploy
Team e-DeployDanilo Panta / e-Deploy
Team e-DeployLucas Selani / e-Deploy
Team e-DeployMarcos Santos / e-Deploy

This 2020 Clio Awards Shortlisted entry titled 'BK Lockdown Whopper' was entered for Burger King by David Miami, Miami. The advertising agency is part of the agency network: Ogilvy & Mather and holding company: WPP Group. The piece was submitted to the medium: Creative Use of Data within the entry type: Product/Service. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.