OFFF Vienna Title Film

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Production CompanyCarbon, NYC
Advertiser BrandOFFF Dach, Vienna
Advertising AgencyNA, NA
Entrant CompanyCarbon, NYC
Music/Sound CompanyAntfood
Writer/DirectorIan Bradley / Carbon
Assistant Director/Head of CG Frank Grecco / Carbon
Executive ProducerPhil Linturn / Carbon
Executive Creative DirectorLiam Chapple / Carbon
Executive Creative DirectorKrystle Timm / Carbon
CG Supervisor Dan Fine / Carbon
VFX Supervisor Tobey Lindback / Carbon
FX Supervisor Ryan Hussain / Carbon
Executive Producer, Color Laurie Adrianopoli / Carbon
Producer, Color Dan Butler / Carbon
ColoristJulien Biard / Carbon
Color Assistant Cassie Benedict / Carbon
Art Direction and Design Ian Bradley / Carbon
Art Direction and Design Claudio Araos Marincovic / Carbon
Art Direction and Design Felipe Fiori / Carbob
Art Direction and Design Kim Dulaney / Carbon
Art Direction and Design Lena Vargas / Carbon
Art Direction and Design Katrina Zimmerman / Carbon
Art Direction and Design Reece Parker / Carbon
Art Direction and Design Megan Palero / Carbon
2D Animation Katrina Zimmerman / Carbon
2D Animation Reece Parker / Carbon
2D Animation Peiter Hergert / Carbon
2D Animation Mikhail Pakhomov / Carbon
2D Animation Lizzi Akana / Carbon
2D Animation Carolina Lopez / Carbon
2D Animation Jahmad Rollins / Carbon
3D Animation Anthony Travieso / Carbon
3D Animation Han Hu / Carbon
3D Animation Jean-Luc Delhougne / Carbon
3D Animation Kevin Nguyen / Carbon
3D Animation Sam Gierasimczuk / Carbon
CompositorFred Kim / Carbon
CompositorJen Howard / Carbon
CG ArtistMartin Gunnarsson / Carbon
CG ArtistChin Lee / Carbon
CG ArtistIvan Joy / Carbon
CG ArtistAlex Rumsa / Carbon
CG ArtistKatie Heady / Carbon
CG ArtistDan Moreno / Carbon
CG ArtistEric Xu / Carbon
CG ArtistMike Penny / Carbon
CG ArtistSean Skube / Carbon
CG ArtistSylvia Apostol / Carbon
Resource Manager Beth Skopp / Carbon
Production Coordinator Mariette Amici / Carbon
ComposerWilson Brown / Antfood
ComposerYuta Endo / Antfood
ComposerRory White / Antfood
ComposerCharley Van Veldhoven / Antfood
ComposerDalton Harts / Antfood
Sound DesignerWilson Brown / Antfood
Sound DesignerYuta Endo / Antfood
Sound DesignerPedro Botsaris / Antfood
Sound DesignerRory White / Antfood
Sound DesignerBennett Eiferman / Antfood
Executive ProducerSue Lee / Antfood
Senior ProducerJennifer Fife / Antfood
Senior ProducerTrevor Haimes / Antfood
Executive Creative DirectorWilson Brown / Antfood
Creative DirectorYuta Endo / Antfood
OrchestratorAdam Klemens
Orchestra Smecky Orchestra

This 2023 Clio Awards Silver winning entry titled ' OFFF Vienna Title Film' was entered for Repeater by Carbon, NYC. The piece was submitted to the medium: Design Craft within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: Animation. It consists of 1 video and 10 images.